Welcome to Bio & Medical Informatics Laboratory

  • Bio and medical informatics are emerging research fields that are an interdisciplinary study focusing on massive and complex information on biology (molecules, tissues, and cells) and medical (prescription, symptom, and health examination) knowledge
  • Our research interest covers developing various computational tools for solving biological and medical problems. To solve problems, we applied various artificial intelligence-based models to biological and medical data, including molecular data, EMR data, public health data, and Korean medicine knowledge.
  • The aims of the research are 1) identifying potential drug candidates based on molecular knowledge, 2) developing AI-based models for personalized medicine that help healthcare of patients by utilizing various types of patient information, including genetic, phenotypic, and environmental factors, and 3) identifying molecular signatures for disease diagnosis and treatment.
  • The aim of personalized medicine is not only to develop patient-specific drugs based on the differences among individuals but also to personalize treatment in order to account for patient differences in disease development and drug response.