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  • Sunyong Yoo†, Myeonghyeon Jeong†, Subhin Seomun,Kiseong Kim, Youngmahn Han*. Interpretable Prediction of SARS-CoV-2 Epitope-specific TCR Recognition Using a Pre-Trained Protein Language Model (in review)
  • Soyeon Lee, Sunyong Yoo*. InterDILI: interpretable prediction of drug-induced liver injury through permutation feature importance and attention mechanism (in review)
  • Myeonghyeon Jeong, Sunyong Yoo*. FetoML: Interpretable prediction of fetotoxicity of drugs based on machine learning  approaches (in review)
  • Sun-woo Jung, Sunyong Yoo*. Predicting Drug-Drug Interactions via Document Embedding on biomedical literature (in prep.)
  • Dohyeon Lee, Sunyong Yoo*, hERGAT: Predicting hERG blockers using graph attention mechanism through atom- and molecule-level interaction analysis (in prep.)
  • Longitudinal Study for Children with Disability (in prep.)

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